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 BEAT und Rock 'n' Roll der 60s and before


Weststadthalle Essen 13.06.2004

Weststadthalle Essen +++ 13.06.2004  +++

...frisch aus unserer Nostalgieecke Abbey Road on the River +++ Washington DC 2012 +++ 

AROTR - the worlds greatest Beatles Festival 2011

AROTR - the worlds greatest Beatles Festival  2011
26. - 30. May 2011

USA - Louisville Kentucky We had so much fun !!!!  Many Greetings to you all , especially to Gary Jacob and the whole Team of Abbey Road on the River and to our friends Cindy, Kelly, Mike and Tom and also to Cindy Shotwell, Lisa Spence and Olivia Morris Fuchs

AROTR - Abbey road on the river - 2009 
AROTR - Abbey road on the river - Louisville Kentucky - 2009

We like to thank you all for this great AROTR festival 2009 and the wonderfull experience that we have made. We enjoyed it very much being part of this festival, playing for all these friendly spectators and we are glad, that we have met many, many kindly people.
The organisation, plannings, locations a.s.o.  and last but not least the performances of these fabulous bands make AROTR unique, really unique in the world. 

San Francisco - Beatles Fest West 2009

 San Francisco - Beatles Fest West 2009

We're really impressed by San Francisco and all surroundings. It's a very nice place. But the most we were impressed by this incredible audience, that celebrated all our shows from the beginning. We like to  thank you all, it was very,very pleasant for us to be there and especially the team that made the BeatLes Fest West go around and Gareth who organized all. 
...And last but not least
many greetings to Harlen Breitenbach, who drove us 'around and around' all the time. Thank you !!!
Yours sincerely The BeaFore

Beafore nimmt Sie mit zu den early 60s, als Clubs wie der Starclub in Hamburg oder der Cavern Club in Liverpool ihre Blütezeit hatten. Songs, von denen die Beatles inspiriert wurden, die durch die Beatles beeinflusst wurden und die frühen Songs der Beatles, die für die unvergessliche Beatlemania verantwortlich waren, werden sie begeistern.

The BeaFore takes you to the early 60s, when clubs such as the StarClub in Hamburg or the Cavern Club in Liverpool had their heyday. Songs, of which the Beatles were inspired or songs influenced by the Beatles, as well as the early songs of the Beatles, which were responsible for the unforgettable Beatlemania, will delight you

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